How To Find LCSW Jobs

A licensed clinical social worker is one of the most sought after jobs in all of the helping professions. If you have a genuine interest in helping others, this job is for you. This is reflected by several studies according to which, by 2018, the salary of workers active in the area of social work is expected to rise by about 20%. You can use our salary calculator to see how much your salary could grow by then.

Why LCSW Jobs?

We found a couple of easy answers:

• Satisfaction guaranteed: you do not work only for money, but you help other people by making a difference in their lives

• Due to the permanent demand for this type of jobs, you do not have to worry too much to find employment

• With a good education, your salary standards may increase constantly.

Where you can work?

A LCSW job will give you the chance to work in a variety of environments, all very challenging from the professional point of view. You can find work in non-profit or governmental institutions, in schools, mental health institutions or care management systems.

Qualifications for LCSW Jobs

LCSW Jobs - Helping hands

Helping hands

The competition for getting LCSW jobs is high and so you need to be aware that the more education you have, you increase the chances to be chosen for the position you apply for. The basic qualifications of a successful candidate are:

• Minimum 21 years of age.

• Good moral behavior and lack of criminal record.

• Due to the fact that you will be in direct contact with various medical cases, you should have good communication skills and a good mental and physical health.

• Master’s degree in the domain of social work, eventually with specialization in various areas – mental health, pediatrics.

• At least three years of controlled experience in the domain of diagnosis. In some cases, you may be required to have minimum 2,000 hours of practice. As in the case of many medical jobs, the LCSW jobs are requiring a high level of practice and the purely theoretical knowledge is not enough for recommending you as a professional.

The level of the financial remuneration is important. Someone with at least a master’s degree will be able to ask a remuneration of minimum $21 per hour. The average amount of the yearly salary may reach $25,210. The more degrees you have the better your salary, in terms of social worker jobs being considered and similarly with the academic jobs. They are all highly dependent on the level of the education, especially if you want to become a counselor.


With the help of a good education, the answer to the question that we asked in the title is relatively simple: anywhere where you can find an opening of LCSW jobs that you may be interested in. You can make a search on the dedicated job portals or to the governmental agencies responsible for listing jobs in the area of social work.

At various stages of your career, you should also take into consideration the option of asking the help of a career consultant that may guide your professional steps in the good direction.