How To Become A LCSW

The social workers represent a category of people who are making a positive difference. Working as a licensed clinical social worker, or LCSW for short, is an extremely challenging job where you will have to deal with various difficult cases. However, many people are interested in how to become a LCSW due to the social value of their work and the feeling that you are genuinely helping people through difficult situations.

Preparation Required

If you are taking into consideration the possibility of becoming a LCSW, at this stage it would be useful to better understand the type of activities that the social workers are doing on a daily basis. For someone at the beginning of the career, any useful insights are relevant in the process of taking a decision with long term consequences. Hence, in case that you are not familiar with social work, you should try to see for yourself what it refers to and how the daily challenges fit into your personality.

The next stage is to see what the basic conditions are for becoming a licensed clinical social worker. You may be interested to know the following aspects:

• You should be at be 21 years of age to start. This is general rule across the US.

• Your health, criminal record and moral character should pass any complicated test. You need to be healthy, without a criminal past and an ethical person. In the last case, the conclusion is made following a detailed interview with the candidate for a LCSW job. At this point, the references of former work and school colleagues may give an idea about your behavior.

How To Become A LCSW – The Qualification Stage

How to become a LCSW with a master's degree

A master’s degree will help

The hardest part is about to begin. In order to start earning your LCSW salary, you need a proper education. The basic requirement is a master’s degree in the domain of social work, with minimum 2,000 hours of practice. You need to have high qualifications in both the theoretical and the practical domain. The many hours of work are playing a fundamental role in recommending someone for a LCSW position. On a day-by-day basis you will be not only a better professional, but also you will understand the human complexity behind any case.

You will be able to obtain the licensure and registration as a social worker only if you have at least 3 years of supervised experience in that field. The examination is very strict and you need to prepare many months in advance in order to qualify as a successful candidate.

During your education, you can choose to improve your experience in the following areas: mental health care, children and families, various types of social services such as counselors.

Education plays a fundamental role in offering a bright professional career to anyone interested in how to become a LCSW. Due to the high professional level, the salaries for social workers are considered among the highest in the field and, according to a recent research, are expected to rise with at least 20% in the next decade.